Gallery: Tah Da! CUSTOMER Creations

No experience by most of these customers, yet look at the GREAT results!

Young and old…..Male and Female…Child, Teen and Adult…Married and Single. Wherever the venue, Fort Smith Social Painting helps you LAUGH, PAINT and CONNECT.

Owl Irene and LisaOwl Classowl lisaowl Ruth and RJandy-warhol-quotes[5]winter moon NicoleWinter Moon at Sake' winter moon Michelehenry-moore-quotes[5]Laura, whimsey tree whimsical tr whimsical tre photo whimsical tree whimscal sake paul-strand-quotes[5] bri pony 2 ponyedward-hopper-quotes[10] photo 1coffee twyla-tharp-quotes[5]dog and cat dog brother  dog family dog green dog Chloe dogs redconducive-to-happiness[5]jingle boy  Jingle family jingle girl jingle paula R jingle tree group jingle tree three generations miles-david-quotes[7]photo 11nativity nativity 1 nativity 5 nativity child nativity mom and daughter nativity mom n daughter 1 Nativity Paulanativity pair mom and daughter grown nativity manger nativity small pair group      kurt-vonnegut-quotes[5]photo 1b  photo 2bphoto 9photo 8photo 10photo 5 photo 2photo 3 photo 4           snow pal group 2 snow pal karen and girls snow pal mom n child snow pal scour power snow pal sierra snow pal sisters snow pal trio of girls snow pal vest

Look at the great job each of these painters did in creating their version of this painting.

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